Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Catching Up

Ha ha. Not really.

While I await some business files to come through, I figured I'd punch out a post.  My first thought was to write a post about something that has been swirling in my head for some time- something I've come to of late call "The Mom Conspiracy"- but that would be so long and involved I can't get into it now.  But I will write that post sometime, just not sure when.

Instead, I'm thinking of all the projects I want to get to, but I have come to not be able to sew or knit for myself or Vera or anyone else for that matter.  In other words, all my crafting these days are strictly business related.  This is by no means a complaint- it's great to be busy and getting ready for some large expos and sales campaigns for Bourgeois Baby.  But I do miss doing something just for fun.

For myself, I bought a couple of patterns for winter wear.  Hopefully I will get to them before next winter.  The first is the pattern by See & Sew B5909 in view B.  Someone in a facebook sewing group I am in posted her pics of her finished product and it was just so lovely!  It looks like a super easy pattern to whip out in an afternoon, but I have not found a fabric that I like for it.  The suggestions are a fleece, boiled wool, or berber fleece.  I haven't found one that I like.  Wool would look nice but I am afraid it will make my neck itch.

The other pattern I have waiting is Simplicity 3568 in view C.  I have a lightweight sweater knit fabric with a Nordic pattern with reindeer, snowflakes, etc.  I like the cowl neck line, and the fabric I found on major markdown is very funky.

I also have an apron cut out waiting to be finished.  The fabric is a lovely orange with blue fabrics.  It's vaguely vintage looking.

I've also been working on tutu construction.  There are so many tutorials out there, and so many ways to construct one and I have not found the way I like best.  This started with getting ready for the Bourgeois Baby Photo Shoot, in which I made 4 tutus in less than 24 hours.  Now that I have some time I am playing around with it, I am trying to perfect the best way for me.

And here is a shameless pic of me at my fabulously new sewing machine.  It's so awesome.  And has so many features I've barely touched an quarter of what it can do.

Weeee!!!! Wielding so much sewing power!