Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Real Review, Mom Bloggers?

My beautiful superhero daughter
I think I must be naïve, because I really thought that the reviews I saw of products on Mom Blogs out there were legit.  Then I tried to gain some reviews from Mom Bloggers around the web, and only 1 actually was willing to review a product without being paid. 

Is it really passé to do a good old fashioned style review?  Or is it now standard that not only does the Mom Blogger doing the review get free product PLUS a monetary "gift" in exchange for the review?  To me, this would appear to skew the review, and I think sponsored posts may help to even that out by at least letting the reader know that the company whose product is being reviewed had paid the reviewer for the post.

Or perhaps I have no idea what I am talking about, in which I would highly appreciate someone filling me in (nicely, please!) on how I have no idea on what I am talking about and what the real deal is.

And on that note, I would LOVE to review mom and toddler related stuff.  I will do it without taking any money, but rather just an honest review for exchange of the product.  And if it's something I really don't like, I would NOT slam it online AT ALL.  Instead, if it's not something that is going to get at least a 3 out 5 star type review, I just won't review it online and send you back the product.  This is just the most honest way I can think of doing this without hurting anyone's feelings and/or reputation.  BUT, on that note, I typically like things. 

What type of things?  I love books of all kinds for me and my daughter, anti-GMO, organic, handcrafted, knit, sewn, Made in the USA, and anything that might make my life easier.

If you are interested in this type of old fashioned type of Mom Blog Reviews, you can contact me at
JAMIE at BOURGEOISBABY dot COM.  Or if you want to just say hi, or whatever.

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