Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Girl Scout Printables for Cookie Sale Thank You Notes

Vera has started Girl Scouts this year, and so we are finishing up our first year of cookie sales!  One think I learned from running Bourgeois Baby is that a simple "thank you" goes a long way.  I write a handwritten thank you to my customers with each order, and thought that it would be a nice touch (and good display of manners) for Vera to send along a thank you note with her Girl Scout Cookie Sale orders.

To make her thank you notes stand out, I made a few basic printables for standard card and postcard sizes.  Feel free to grab them and use for your Girl Scout!

Below is "Many Thanks!" which was formatted to fit an A7 size card (about 5x7).  This was the design she chose, so we printed these up and she wrote on the back (with my help, her handwriting): Many thanks for ordering cookies! Vera

The next design is for first year cookie sales.  Girls Scouts is marking their 100th year of cookie sales, and for many Girl Scout newbies (like Vera) can make note of this being their first year selling in the centennial sale year.  It's geared towards Daisy level, but could be used as inspiration for others.  This is meant for A6 size postcards (about 4x6).

Lastly, the graphic below can be printed on standard paper, cut just under the light green stripe, and wrapped around the box of cookies.  The light green stripe can also be used as a space for your Girl Scout to write a quick thank you and sign her name.