Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Little Of This....

...a little of that.   This is what life has been feeling like lately.  There seems to be a theme going on in my last few posts: busy. 

I have been often saying to my husband, "How can anyone be bored?"  We both wonder, as neither one of us seems to have enough time to do all the stuff we want and need to do.  When I see idiots on Facebook with a status about their boredom, I so want to comment: "Only boring people become bored".  But it would not be taken nicely.

There is the busy of the day to day.  There is the busy of being a WAHM.  There is the extra busy with a husband working 70 hours a week and a three year old who is growing and learning leaps and bounds.

And I can't complain.  This is all good.  I have to step back and take a breath and remind myself that busy is good.  For us specifically it means growth.  Bourgeois Baby is now in Whole Foods Market, and they have supported my desire to start up an organic line!  I have my sights set on a few other well known retailers known for high end products and service, and once I get through the pre-holiday and holiday season this will be at the top of my list.  I am significantly behind on a few things, but only because I set my own deadlines.  I guess at this rate I could also say I am well ahead for next season?

I've been educating myself about the retail market from a business perspective and consumerism in our country.  It's really an overwhelming disappointment in how our country is run by just a few very large retail corporations that have decimated small business and local economies.  It fuels my drive to make Bourgeois Baby a successful local business.  As an adult, you tell me something is near impossible, or that I can't do it- guess what?  I'm going to show you otherwise. 

A book worth checking out on the topic is by Stacy Mitchell titled "Big Box Swindle".  And if you are going to get it, may I suggest your local library or independent bookstore?  Read the book, and you will totally get why I say that.

Oh, and I opened an Etsy shop.  I really need to add more of my products, but between time and currently contemplating a restructured selling platform, it remains fairly small.

And because I love to have a good laugh, here is some outtakes for my Whole Foods Market promo so you can have a laugh at my expense.  You're welcome.

This is what working with your husband looks like.