Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mt. Washington Resort and Spa Excursion

Back side of the hotel, which overlooks the mountains
It was not long enough, let me start by saying that. 

Kirsten and I went for a night to the Mt. Washington Resort and Spa for some child free pampering.  If you haven't been and love a calm, beautiful, and pampering type vacation this is the place.  But they also have tons of activities as well, so if you like hiking, zip-lining, golf, etc, this is still the place to go.

From the lookout deck, which is above the spa
The main staircase
Small detail of stairway
Looking through the main lobby

Antique Books
Antique door knob
Stained glass

What is an extra bonus about the resort is that it is reportedly haunted.  I first learned of the haunting claims from the show Ghost Hunters, with the episode back in about 2008 that has incredible electronic voice phenomenon (EVP).  I knew then I had to go, and my first trip was with my husband.  I had my own little experience when I was there in what is called the Gold Room.  I was looking over the displays of historic ephemera and the like, waiting for my husband to return from where ever he was.  I heard him enter the room and come over to me, and without looking I started talking to him.  But it wasn't him.  The sense of a presence was strong, although I was the only person in the room.  This time, the Gold Room was part of their renovation in progress so all of the historical trinkets were gone. 
This time Kirsten and I had no personal paranormal experiences.  Everytime that we entered the hallway to our room, Kirsten would comment on how much like the movie The Shining it looked like.  You know, the scene with the twin girls down the hall.  So I decided to capture a picture of the hallway to show my family.  I've included the pictures of the hall, which were taken in succession in under 2 minutes.  You can make of them what you will. Absolutely no editing was done on the following three:

Picture 1 

Picture 2 

Picture 3

Me, performing in the Grand Ballroom

The hotel has kept it's late Victorian era charm.  The architecture and details are not at all this exquisite in newly built resorts.  As soon as you are in the lobby, I can just picture as clear as if I was one of the Ladies of Leisure dressed in their afternoon promenade finest strolling through.  The ballroom speaks of entertainment done with orchestras and live entertainment while well dressed couples waltzing.  It is now used for weddings.

The best part of my stay is the spa.  Seriously, I could live this life of the rich.  Cater to my every need or just whim?  Yes, please!!  I got an awesome pedicure, and also spent (not enough) time in the ladies lounge.

Unfortunately, the cloud cover did not allow for any decent shots of the mountains, but that didn't take away from the beautiful scenery.  The entire resort building has a wrap around deck (in which you can order anything you want for food and drinks) with lounge furniture so you can just soak in the views.

(And if you are wondering, the Moose doll wearing a bib is part of a marketing promo Bourgeois Baby will be doing soon!)


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