Saturday, June 29, 2013

Art By The Little Ones

Recently, Kirsten and I got together with our respective little ones and dared to have a messy art project.  I wanted to do something beyond crayons (although I am learning I have not outgrown my crayon fetish) and as a keepsake for years to come.

And, as my typical Pinterest inspiration, saw many canvas toddler art projects.  This is our version of the activity.

Cheap canvas from AC Moore.
Crayola finger paint (it's washable!!)
Paint brushes
Plastic egg packaging

Optional stuff:
Tape, paper
Fabric glue

So ahead of the play date, I printed out the letters to their names and glued them to the canvas. Notice I don't mention glue in the supplies?  Ya, the reason for that is because even simple Elmer's glue stuck way too well to the canvas.  So I suggest some simple scotch tape.  Several pins floating around on Pinterest use regular painters tape but I didn't think this would give the letters enough character. 

  Here we are painting, or as Vera refers to it: self painting. Also, note the capes.  They also performed painting as a super power.  This was Ollie's idea.

I had to include this picture, because it is one of my favorite pictures of Ollie.  Such a handsome boy.

 The Crayola washable finger paint took several hours to completely dry on the canvas.  Kirsten and I pulled off the glued on paper (here we each clearly had to get creative to save the piece).  Kirsten colored in some bold block letters, and I outlined the letters with a purple Sharpie.  I also added a bow in a matching satin purple so that I could hang it from Vera's bedroom door.

This activity didn't turn out as messy as I anticipated, mainly because they both loved doing "real" art - the artist canvas really gives it a grown up feel-
AND it was personalized.
This would also make a great birthday party activity if indoors, and a nice take away for the guests.

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