Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pinterest Testing: Manicure with Vinegar

I originally posted this test on Tumblr.  You can see it here.

I love Pinterest and do actually collect pins to either do what it says, do something like it, or find it inspirational in some way.  Or is it proper to say "Pinspirational"?

So one pin I'd seen floating around quite often was using white vinegar as a base on clean unpolished nails to help extend the life of the polish.


So the morning after doing my nails with the white vinegar base, I had bumps that had formed within the polish. 

By day 5, the polish had chipped enough that the manicure was officially done.  I had got about 1 extra day out of the polish with the vinegar.

Remember, you can get the full details of this Pin Test here.

Now, I have a little more to add to the test, which is that I did not do another manicure after I removed this polish.  I just trimmed my nails and left them alone.  A few things I noticed was that my nails were mildly discolored.  Nothing major, but noticeable to me.  And as my nails grew, several of the nails started to feather chip.  Like the layers of the nail tip started to peel.  So I wonder if the white vinegar weakens the structure of the nail.

Initially, I thought this was a pin-worthy trick, but now I'm not so sure.  I guess what I will need to do is a manicure without the white vinegar and take note on whether I get the bumps, discoloration, and nail tip feathering.


I have an update on this Pin Test here.

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