Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blogtember: How Social Media and Blogging Has Changed My Life

It has sucked more time away from my days.  Ha ha.  Seriously.  I say this tongue in cheek, but it really has.

For one, here I am blogging instead of working.  At night, instead of reading every night, I am scrolling through Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.  I'm reading blogs that I follow, and finding new ones.

So I can't say it's changed for the better.

But what it has changed in a good way is being able to connect with people I would never had the opportunity to otherwise.  There are so many nurses, midwives, moms, birth advocates, craft people, sewists, the list goes on and on....that I can learn from and communicate with!

It's also framed how my business is marketed.  The majority of the marketing I do is via social media, which ultimately leads to word of mouth (or word of screens, clicks, and pins!).  Traditional advertising just doesn't work for my type of clientele, as 100% of them are connected online.  Social media and blogging has certainly made for competitive marketing for me, as I think every online business (or any business, really) wants that one viral pin on pinterest, or video on You Tube to help boost their profits.  So I certainly have changed in regards to that, which brings me to my very first sentence above.

It sucks my time away from me!

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