Sunday, July 14, 2013

Update: Pin Test of White Vinegar Manicure

I previously reviewed a popular pin on Pinterest about using white vinegar as a way to keep your manicure from chipping.  Initially I thought this was a good trick, but after I took the original polish off my nails kept peeling and splitting.

I gave my nails a rest from any polish, and kept them super short to keep them from peeling any worse than they already were.  But they also felt very weak, and wanted to give them a little strength.  I ended up polishing my super short nails with Sallie Hansen NailGrowth Miracle in a clear base coat, and used Sallie Hansen Diamond Strength in lavender.

As mentioned before, I do my nails after Vera goes to bed.  I let them dry before going to bed myself but I almost immediately noticed that none of the bumps occurred like they did with the vinegar version.

So I guess that the vinegar did cause the bumps, although I did use a different nail polish brand the first time.  Either way, I won't be using the vinegar again.

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