Saturday, July 6, 2013

Repurposed Window Valance

If you have one of those nursery sets, it probably came with one measly window valance.  If your baby's room only has one window, you are all set.  But if not, you either have to purchase another matching valance (if one is even available to purchase separately) or buy an entirely separate set that coordinates with the set.  Or, if you want to be crafty you could make some.

At the time that my daughter's nursery was being put together, I was in no shape to actually make two window valances to match (more on why later).  So I bought some simple valances at Target but hung on to the single valance that came with her set.  And finally, it came to me what to do with it.

I originally posted this repurposed window valance for her nursery on my business blog, but thought it would be suited to post here as well.  To see exactly what I did, click here.

This is the final product, but I'd love to see how you repurposed something for your child's room.

The other thing I did with her nursery set was take the crib quilt and hang it as wall décor.  It is not recommended to use the crib quilt for infants, and now that she is 2 and could use blankets safely she prefers wearable blankets.  So, all off her nursery set got used in some way.

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