Friday, August 30, 2013

Really? A Vagina Steam?

This is freaking ridiculous!

The other day on twitter I came across this tweet about getting your vagina a steam bath.  Apparently it's basically sitting on a chair with a hole on it, in which a steaming pipe of some such flushes your vagina with steam infused with herbs.

I don't know whether I should laugh or be outraged.  I can tell you in my 37 years there have definitely been times I've had thoughts like, "Boy, I could really go for a spa treatment like a massage or a pedicure".  But NEVER have I thought my vagina needed a trip to the spa.  If anything, I've had thoughts of wishing it could be left alone (many years of time intercourse, many pelvic procedures to work up infertility, pregnancy and get my idea here)!

Ladies: you don't need to steam your vagina.  There is no evidence that proves this "works" for the things it claims to do.  All the steam is doing is warming your backside and vulva, and well, it's really ridiculous.  If you like that feeling, fine, but don't expect to end up having a perfect vagina out of this.

The thing about vaginas is that they are really quite magical.  You laugh, but I can tell you that they are!  They are self cleaning, they can stretch to accommodate newborns of varying sizes, and can heal back up like nothing happened!  So just leave them alone.

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  1. Hey Sister, leave my holes alone!! That's what I say! Who on earth buys into this crap?!?! I prefer my private orifices be left untouched until absolutely necessary! With this said, bleaching my anus is out, steaming my vagina is definitely not in the future, daily coffee enemas are not happening, and most bacteria filled lubes will not be used. Good grief!


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